The Return of the Cray files

Good news everyone!

A very nice gentlemen – who decided to remain anonymous – contacted Chris and me, saying he has some X-MP tapes we might be interested in. As it turned out he has an absolute treasure chest of material, in fact much more than ‘just’ a collection of X-MP tapes.

This gave me a reason to re-start my work on the Cray simulator project, in fact I’ve decided to start a new series. If you’re interested, check it out here.

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9 thoughts on “The Return of the Cray files

  1. Just finished reading your entire Cray saga. Excellent work! I’m 45 years old and Cray was such a famous name in my youth, it’s a huge surprise to find that everything is fading away already. Your efforts will help to undo some of what we’re losing.

  2. Hey, great site. I’m currently hacking PDP-1 myself… Just a side note that PDF generator on your site pages is broken.

    • Thanks for the note. Yeah, apparently that PDF plugin crapped out during one of the updates. I’ve changed it to another one.

  3. has been showing a default landing page, and ssh -l crayusr -p 10022 times out. With all of the work you put in to getting that going and such a neat thing, I’d hate to see it vanish. If it’s using too much power and space, maybe it can move to a small single board computer?

    • Correction, not currently timing out, just giving a very nice long pause before getting to password auth. Glad it’s still there, but’s old content is missing. Thanks!

      • Thanks for letting me know. I won’t be able to look into it too much in the next week or so, but what seems to be happening is the router config went bonkers. This is in general the problem with serving stuff from quite literally from your garage: bits rot…

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