All hail PCBWay!

Yes, this is a sponsored post. I’m not going to be bashful about it, in fact I’m proud! I have a sponsor: it’s PCBWay. They – as you have guessed I’m sure – make PCBs. From quick-turn, low volume prototyping to small(ish) production runs.

Their support includes the usual 2-layer affair, but multi-layer and rigid-flex designs aren’t beyond their capabilities. They can manufacture buried and blind vias, even laser-vias if that’s what you fancy.

Pretty nice, but just that wouldn’t be all that outstanding: there are many companies doing that. PCBWay however also do CNC machining, 3D printing, make SMT stencils for you, even buy and put the components on your circuit boards.

In one word: they are your one-stop prototyping shop. They are mine.

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