I have a few projects in the works. They build on one another, so it’ll take a while to publish all the pieces that go with them. The first, and relatively stand-alone piece is the UnIC project.

I quite proud of this idea, though it’s not one of those Earth-shattering break-throughs that people will talk about for millennia. It’s a circuit that can replace any (well, almost any) 40-pin DIP package chip, if the FPGA on it is programmed the right way.

The trick is not the FPGA or even the 40-pin DIP form-factor; there are several projects around that fit the bill. The trick is that the UnIC design is not only universal in its logic capabilities, but its power requirements as well. It doesn’t care which pins are ground and which are power. It doesn’t even care if there are multiple (positive) supplies, or if there’s a – say – +12V supply on the package. It just takes it and works with it.

Right now you can find the following pages on this project:

  1. The introduction page with a detailed description of the operation of the circuit
  2. The story about the first prototype by PCBWay; the build and testing process
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