Bridge to the far-side

This series of articles will focus on electro-mechanical systems. I will introduce various methods of modeling mechanical systems using terms familiar to electrical engineers. I’ll also talk about ways of modeling combined systems, where some portions are electrical while others are mechanical.

I will spend a lot of time on the DC motor (more precisely the brushed DC electric motor) as they are the primary loads of H-bridges. So far, the following articles are available in this area:


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One thought on “Bridge to the far-side

  1. Hey there. Great site. I was in theoretical CS and mathematics previously, so I’m playing catch up it seems. Your articles combined with the LT application notes and The Art of Electronics have very much helped. Have you considered writing more now that the availability of components has stomped up quite a bit (whether from the digikey type suppliers or even the Adafruit/sparkfuns). All of your content seems very well curated so anything you write would be appreciated, but a focus on hydraulics and/or pneumatics would be really interesting for me. (It won’t be long before we see Parker’s 300$ fittings be replaced by much cheaper, yet high quality units in the same way that I no longer have to pay Siemens 3k for a PLC to automate my home).

    Anyways, thanks again!

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