The H-Storm Project


H-Storm is a modular approach to developing embedded systems. It identifies three types of building blocks: CPU cards, Peripherial cards and System-boards. CPU and Peripherial cards usually provide generic functionality in a standard form-factor and are shared among different applications. System-boards are tailored for the specific needs of every design and usually contain application-specific functionality. For this reason the published designs on these pages are mostly from the first two category.

The various building blocks interface to one another using a standard interface both electrically and mechanically. You can find details of that interface in the H-Storm System Manual (PDF).

In the future more cards will be added for each module-type.

CPU cards

  • hcAT91 CPU card, using the ATMEL AT91R40008 32-bit ARM7 microcontroller
  • hcPCI CPU card to connect H-Storm peripherals to a PC

Peripherial cards

  • hpCS8900 A 10BaseT Ethernet card using the Crystal CS8900 ethernet controller


  • hsStartup A very simple and cheap System-Board for the first steps in the H-Storm realm.
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